5 things which can change your 50 years of Life | Best Motivational Blog

5 things which can change your 50 years of Life | Life Solution | Best Motivational Blog

Things change your life | Best motivational Page

1. Make the right decision

Every moment of life is a moment of decision.
Every post has to be decided about the other post. And the decision leaves its impact, Decisions taken today create happiness or sorrow in future. Not only for himself or his family, and also for generations to come. When a dilemma arises, the mind is disturbed and filled with uncertainty, that moment of decision becomes war and mind becomes battle ground.
Most of the decisions we take are not to remedy dilemma but only to calm the mind.
  But can someone eat while running?

So will the mind struggling with war make any worthy decision?

When someone makes a decision with a really calm mind, a happy future is created for himself but when someone makes a decision to calm their mind , So that person plants a thorn tree for his future.

Think yourself

2. Face problems

We envision proving the future on the basis of time and past perception. We plan today to overcome the suffering of future
    But by eliminating tomorrow's crisis today, we get a profit or a loss ?

We never ask these questions ...
The truth is that the crisis and its prevention are known for the person as well as for the world. 

Right ??

You remember your past , look at the history
You will know immediately, that when a crisis comes, then the power to prevent it also takes birth. This is the trend of the world.
Actually crisis is the cause of birth of power. Each person rises one step ahead of the crisis.

Shines more , Full of confidence, not only for himself but also for the world.

Is this not true??
In fact, birth of crisis is the birth of an opportunity.

To change yourself, to take your thoughts to the heights, to make your soul strong and a temple of knowledge. 
One who knows this-  has no problem , but one who don't know, is that it's a crisis for the world itself.

3. Self-confidence

For the struggles in life when man does not consider himself worthy and he can't believe on his own then he always abandons life and adopts fortifications.
Or , In the life of a human being, evil takes birth when he is not confident.
Self confidence holds goodness in people.

What is self confidence ?
hmm ?

When man believes that the struggles of his life makes him fall then he doesn't believe in himself , Instead of going beyond the struggle, he starts looking for ways to get rid of the conflict.

But when he realizes that these conflicts make him more powerful, just as exercising increases the power of the body, its enthusiasm increases with every struggle. That is, self-belief and nothing is a state of mind, life is just a vision and vision of life is under man's control.
Think yourself !!!

4. How to raise children

Father always wishes for the happiness of his children, worry about their future . For this reason, he always try to decide the future path of their children.
The path the father himself walked, the way the pebble stone is seen by itself, Sun or shadow of road. On the same path, his son also goes is the same desire of every father.
Of-course , this is a good feeling !!
But we forget to consider 3 questions.
What questions?

Ques 1. Don't each route change over time?
Doesn't time always bring new challenges ?
How can we benefit the new generation with the passage of time ? 

Ques 2. Is each child an image of its parent ? 

The world is definitely given to children by their parents but the inner power gives you by the god. 
So the path on which the father has succeeded, It is believed that on the same path, his children will also get success and happiness ?

Ques 3. Are life's problems and challenges not beneficial? ?
Does not each new question open the door to a new answer ?
Then keeping the children away from new questions, conflicts and challenges, it will be said to benefit or harm them. ?

That is, instead of creating the future of the child, it is better to build his character. Similarly, giving them the morale and knowledge to deal with new struggles, instead of setting the way of life of the children will not be beneficial.

5. Success based on plans

Sometimes an event breaks all the plans of human life and man accepts that base as the purpose of his life. But do the future build on the basis of human plans ?
No !!!

Just as the first person who sits at the bottom of the mountain and makes a plan. Does the same plan make him reach the top of that mountain?
No ...

      In fact, as he climbs, he gets new challenges and new obstacles. On each post he decides his next post. He has to change his plans at each position. Somewhere the old plan should not be pushed into that abyss.  He does not make the mountain worthy of himself, only he makes himself worthy of the mountain. 

Isn't it the same with life ?
When a person considers a challenge in life, a barrier as the purpose of his life. If he stops the pace of his life, then he does not become successful in his life. Nor do he get happiness and peace and do not become successful in life. That is, instead of making life worthy of yourself, making yourself worthy of life is the only success of life.
Think Yourself !!!



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