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How to improve Communication Skill | Personality Development | Life Solution

How to improve Communication Skill | Life Solution
Enhance your Communication Skill

There are a lot of people in the world who want to know what to master in, such a way to win the world or go to heaven .

The answer is " Communication Skill"

This skill can even take you to heaven because if your communication skill is good then you will talk sweetly, your relationship will be very good and your whole life can change.
Am i Right ?

By the way , In today's blog i will not gonna write about " What is Communication " or " Why to improve Communication " ?

Today , i will tell you 6 things that you have to keep in mind while doing every kind of communication. Whether you are a good salesman, whether you are doing business, whether you are running your school, whether you are running your grocery store, whether you are a student, or a house wife or you are on a big position. These 6 little things can give you interviews if you have taken care in communication, or you can take your business to the next level. Or you can become the king of politics. So let's talk about 6 small talks.

1. Presence of Mind : Friends, I have often seen that people do not have presence of mind while communicating. What does that next man want to say, before he completes it, that means that people start talking about him. Example : I called a customer care and told him that I have bought a product from you and I am not happy with the product. As soon as i told this customer care, the customer care replied immediately, that no sir, this is a quality product and this and that.....And he started talking.
And i am shocked🤯.
And i said that , Sir please listen to me first, that i am not happy with your product because at the time of purchasing the order, you guys told me that you will also give me an extra packet of cheese with this. Your product is great, I only use your product and I recommended your product to many people. Just give me the extra cheese you said. I am calling you for the same.

Now you see, I said I am not happy with the product and that customer care executive flared up and he did not use his presence of mind. He also did not use it because he wanted to answer before I spoke. And this is the mistake we all make in our communication and this also happens because we don't listen well to the next guy.
How to improve presence of Mind | How to be Focused
How to improve presence of Mind

We never get used to listening, we hear,,,,, hearing is different and listening is different.Hearing with ears is different and thinking it with heart and mind is different, so people listen but do not understand. So the first thing is going on somewhere, then first of all use your presence of mind, see how the environment is, what mood is that person in, How is his behavior then you will understand how you have to talk to him. Definitely this is an art that can take a long time to improve. But still this art is very lovely art, it is most important for you to master it

2. Eye Contact is Must : When you are communicating with someone, always look in his eyes. Never look here and there, don't do the unwanted use of your body.

Whenever you talk to someone, always talk to him only by looking into his eyes. Even when you are speaking or you are listening to him, you still have to talk by looking in his eyes, because he thinks that the person in front of you is saying truth and he is confident about his talk. And this indicates confidence, presence of mind of that person. This also shows that he has a lot of interest in your talks as well. It created a good relation with the person.

3. Stand in Power Position :  There are some people, when they are talking to someone, they stands on one leg, someone stand by the wall . You always have to stand in a power position, so that you look active. May be that your feet start hurting, but a little bit you can move and come back to power position.
How to stand properly | Improve body language
Power Position Body Language

What is Power Position ??

Power position means that you stand by balancing on both your legs and you do look active. 

When you are talking, there should be movement of your hands, and your gestures(expression) as well.Someone has said only 7% is your words, but 38% is your tone and 55% is your body language.

4, Stay Away from Distractions : When you are talking to someone, remove all distractions. Like nowadays you will see that when you are talking important to someone, those people are looking at their phone again and again. If the TV is running, they are looking at the TV, or they are looking at the laptop. You can get away from this distraction, you are talking to me and If you hold the mobile in your hand, then somewhere you will see that mobile again and again. So you keep that phone in your pocket.

If anyone is still watching again and again you can tell them that I can wait for you for 5 minutes and till then you check your phone. This will also bring respect to you and that person will also understand that you are a very sophisticated person.

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5. Acknowledge him : Whenever you are listening to someone, you should nod in between the talk , ,,, Very nice, Very good, OHH Waao, OK ,,, Great ,
This is the way of nodding. If he is talking about something serious then you can say alright, hmm, okay.

You kept asking him questions, by that you will get clarity about his words and he will feel that you are very interested in his words.

6. Interruption : Whenever someone is talking to you, you do not interrupt him. First listen to it, understand it, only then say something



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