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It is said that straight trees are cut first in the forest and crooked trees are the last, so that which life is good ,
the one which is honest ?
or which creates selfless ?
or one which is self minded who thinks about only their-selves.

If I tell you that first of all, you should fix the definition of simple/innocent man. Do you consider a simple person as idiot?

Most people make the same mistake.

What do you mean stupid??? that if any person comes and goes after doing anything with you, will you call it simple/innocent or call it stupid?

Stupid right ?

First of all, let me explain to you what the simplest means....

That you do not harm anyone else for your benefit, it is called a simplest man, but the world always thinks about its own benefit.
So if someone is going to harm you for your own benefit, and someone is making you a fool and you are becoming an idiot .

so what will you get called - innocent or an idiot ?

Being Simple or innocent, there is no harm in it, but do not harm anyone else for your benefit.

There is no harm in being simple because it is a simplest way and one who will walk on this road
there will be no enmity.
Because if you use someone else for your benefit, then it has become your enemy for life.

If you do this then you will be stressed because you are making your enemies, then somewhere you will also regret, so what will you live?

What if you got success by doing this from above and if you are living in fear from inside, living in stress, then what kind of life is that ??

The point of the whole thing is just to be simple in life and take the straight path, do not get caught in the path of crooked paths. Be simple in life but don't be stupid.

You can say that , at first Goes bad with the stupid.

Because whatever the problem is, you can't see as it is seen , you have to understand what is its meaning behind it.

Be simple + intelligent.

If someone is coming to attack you, then who would you call intelligent?

the one who is trying to save himself or the one who is saying come and beat me because living and dying is not in my hands whatever the god will do i will accept it. So here the god is not doing anything. The god gave you the power to fight for yourself but still if you wait then you might will loose.

Now wisely thinking is , that you have to run away from him,  Or fight with him, Or wait for the right time to fight him ----- that is called intelligence .

Who would be stupid to say that if a lion is coming in front of you and you think,, that come and eat me because i can't do anything. Here the best thing is trying . If you don't try to get out of the situation then you will get nothing in life. Everyone wants to be perfect but have you ever think that perfection comes only if you try.

Trying + Trying + Trying = Perfection

 Whatever the mind has told so far, it only meant that, being Powerful is a simple law of life because of "Survival of the Fittest". Not because you have to suppress others or do wrong with others, just because the world cannot suppress you.


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