How to be unique | Smart Ideas | Life Solution (with pictures)

How to be Unique | Follow these Smart Ideas to become Most successful person 

How to be unique | Smart Ideas | Life Solution
Smart Ideas to become Successful

If we want to do something in life, we do not need many reasons. If we do have a big reason then we can do anything big in our life.
 So today i will share 2 stories with you by which you will understand why you should become in the category of 1% people to become successful in life.

Story 1 :
Once a king, with the help of some of his soldiers placed a big rock in the middle of the path of his kingdom and then hid behind a bush. To see whoever goes through that road, how do they react by looking at that stone?

So slowly people started coming from that road, most of the rich people in that state saw that stone, and silent went out from the side of that stone. And some people seeing this on the road, started blaming the king. 99 People left by seeing the stone, a poor farmer took a basket of goods on his head and reached that road.

Seeing that stone lying in the middle of the road, that farmer put the basket of vegetables with his head on the ground. And after that, by lifting the stone alone, he put it on the side of the road. After removing the stone, when that farmer came back to get his basket of vegetables, he saw that now there is a bag full of gold on the place of that stone. And there is a letter with it, where it is written, "This gift from the king for who will remove this stone",
Follow Smart Ideas to change into a better person | Life Solution
A positive return for his smart work ,Gold Coins gifted by King 

Due to which the farmer became one of the richest people in his village.
In the same way, if you also want to join the top 1% people of the world, then you also have to do those things which 99% people do not do.

Story 2 :
I will tell you a story by giving an example of 2 sisters Ramisha and Sarita.
After graduation of both, Ramisha and Sarita received a job offer of Rs. 15,000 salary . Both Ramisha and Sarita knew that asset means something that which will bring money in the pocket. And Liabilities means something that takes money out of pocket.
But now what did Ramisha did, she purchased a smartphone from her 1st month salary of Rs. 15000 and added Rs. 5000 from her old savings. She bought a smartphone of Rs.15000 + Rs. 5000 =  Rs. 20000 . She knows that phone will stop functioning after 1 or 2 years.
And for just 2 years, Ramisha wasted her Rs. 20000, so it means that along with earning money, Ramisha started making her own liabilities and slowly Ramisha started to turn towards 99% of the people.

On the other hand, Sarita also bought a phone from her 1st month salary because Sarita also needed a phone. But not of Rs. 20,000, because she needed a phone for her work. So she purchased a phone of Rs. 5000. In which whatever the features she needed in that phone was available. And the left amount of Rs. 10000, she invested in a business. From where that Rs. 10000 will become 30000-40000 in next 2 years. Meaning, along with start making money, Sarita started focusing on becoming her asset and slowly Sarita started to turn towards 01 % of the people.

Smart Idea : Build assets not Liabilities

Best way of Money Saving Tips | Life Solution
Build assets not Liabilities
Both Ramisha and Sarita knew that investing means that they will get a positive return after some time. And spend means that they will get a negative return after some time.
Ramisha started spending 5-6 hours on entertainment videos, games, music of her day from her Rs. 20000 phone. Ramisha knew very well, what she would get from it: backache, neck pain, laziness, brain dullness. She knew that the result of spent time comes negative in future, yet she continued the same. As a result Ramisha started to turn towards 99% of the people.

            On the other hand Sarita started investing her 5- 6 hours of time in  gaining knowledge about business and started learning english confidencially because she knews that investing her time will give postive returns in future. Gradually Sarita started becoming an expert in the skill of dealing with customers. As a result, along with that she become successful in her business and also got promotion in the company where she worked.

Smart Idea :  Invest Your Time , Don't Spend it
How to save Time | Invest amount

Both Ramisha and Sarita knew that from the Study on Happiness showed that a human being happy in life depends on his or her relationships.
But the problem was that whenever Ramisha was close with someone, her relationship with that person started deteriorating.
Why so ?
This is because Ramisha always used to expect that her partner would please her. Meaning Ramisha always had a mindset to extract happiness from her partner.

Whereas Sarita used to be totally opposite to this, she always had a mindset to please her partner. Meaning Sarita always shared happiness with her partner instead of extracting happiness. With this, whenever Sarita was with her partner, their relationship grew day by day and bonding started to become stronger.

Smart Idea  : Share Happiness , Don't Extract it
Ways to Share Happiness | Life Solution
How to Share your Happiness

After 15 years in this way, Ramisha's condition became something like this. When Ramisha joined the job 15 years ago, her financial condition was like, Today is exactly the same as 15 years ago. With the different health issues, Ramisha now has the Rs. 1000 have to spend for medicines .Because of her not having a good relationship with anyone, now Ramisha feels completely alone in this world.

On the other hand, after 15 years, Sarita's condition became something like this : She become a successful business woman by investing time for her business continuously for 15 years...
When she started her career 15 years ago, she had reached 100 times better than the financial condition she had.
And all his friends and family members also live with her and love her very much.

So if you also want to be in the top 1% people of the world like Sarita, then you must also have these

3 Smart Ideas....
Smart Ideas to become Successful | Life Solution
Smart Ideas to become Successful

  1. Build assets not Liabilities
  2. Invest Time , Don't Spend it
  3. Share Happiness , Don't Extract it

And if you want to join 99% people like Ramisha, then I do not need to tell you anything, you can see thousands of examples around you.

Always remember, you have to be different or unique to be the no. 1.



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