What is Love ? 💘

Today' topic is what is Love ? Not how to Love 😃😃😃
Is it that we are just understanding the word love as Love? Is it Something which is so intense?
which if comes into your life then each and every second will be fun. All fears will be gone


I have a simple question from all of you, what is Love? 💓

All of you must be thinking, 
  • Love that never leaves you is LOVE.
  • Love is something that one is passionate about and its about commitment and which does not change with the feelings.
  • If your family members are sending you out to study somewhere, is that love?
  • Or is love that you are willing to do anything without any limit ?
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What is Love 

According to me, There is some selfish motive in what we are calling love. If you look inside yourself, you will understand. Okay. And we are giving him the name of love. Now don't ask how it would be, if we do not have our own selfish motives, can we become worthy of love?

  • Can we love someone ??
  • Can we see what he needs?
  • When can we see what someone needs?
  • When can we take care of someone?
  • When there is no selfish motive inside ourselves.
  • When can we please someone or make someone happy?
  • When we ourselves are completely happy.

It means if I am looking for love in this world,  then I cannot love.

But within you have found the source of your love, the source of happiness. You were thinking about something that was supposed to happen, and it was done. As soon as this happens, there is some feeling in the body, there is excitement. That which comes and goes, but after that there is a satisfaction deep inside, for a few hours or for a few days.
There is no pleasure, no feeling. You were thinking, yearning - for a human being, for an ambition, for an intention, or for a dream, for an object - Like you wanna purchase a mobile phone or you have to buy a dress, whatever it is .

As soon as you get it, you just goes crazy.
You feel that your happiness is in that mobile. And the same mobile is available to a person who has a lot of money, so there is no happiness on his face, He will see it in a different way as,  Is it a mobile? He should give me a costlier.

Understood ?

Did he give mobile of Rs 50000 ? Why didn't he give me mobile around Rs. 1 lakh ?

It is useless for them, but you were expecting a mobile of Rs. 10,000 and suddenly you got mobile around Rs. 50000 , then you go crazy because you are feel happiness in the mobile, Whereas if your happiness is not in that mobile, then it should have been for both of them? RIGHT ?

You were yearning for someone and you put in a lot of effort to do something - for days, months, years, and you got that thing all at once. So that fun stops for a while and those feelings stay for a while, the excitement stays for a while, the thoughts also stay for a while, and then those thoughts also die, the feelings Also dies, excitement also ceases.
Then there is no intention inside yourself for a few days . Then there seems to be a sense of fulfillment.

That means one thing is that he has got what he wanted from life. 

What is that sense of fulfillment?

Do we have any thoughts at that time? Or is there an intention?
Rather nothing happens.

Do you understand? Only then is the sense of fulfillment. What happens a few days later?
Sense of lack comes back inside you.

Do you understand the difference between Sense of Fulfillment and Sense of Lack ?

For a few days, I felt that I had done what I wanted to do in my life. And after a few days, what seems like, either what was achieved seems to be diminishing or some new intention comes and then you start flapping back. Then you yearn for a few days, months, years, when you get it and then you go crazy.

Do you understand?
So if this sense of fulfillment came in you, which you feel was due to fulfill your intention, then it was actually inside you, because of the intention of that mobile, Sense of Lack was born in you.
You were fulfilled in your childhood , You were not lacking in anything. But you were became unfulfilled because of the desire.

For example, you are craving for pizza, there was an intention in you, and now it is born, now the surfing has started. Now you have eaten the pizza for which you have been craving for a long time, then you have a sense of fulfillment,,, you have fun. But he stays for a while because the intention was small, the bigger the strut, the greater the intention. And he only lasts as long as he ate his pizza.
We all have a big desire is that " we want to be absolutely free from everything "

Is this the intention inside all of you or not?
want to be absolutely free within from inside as well as from outside
No one likes being in boundations.

  • Is this the biggest intention?
  • If it is complete, So how long will this sense of fulfillment last?

Do you understand?

The sense of fulfillment lasts for as long as the intention. So this is the biggest intention " to be absolutely from within" . Once this is achieved, what will happen, the sense of fulfillment will remain. Then you are absolutely fulfilled with your life .

Now it is not happening anywhere. Someone is living or dying there is no difference. No one is coming or going. Nothing is being achieved, it does not matter. Whether or not the world is saying something or not.

Because you are absolutely fulfilled. Do you understand what this means?
I don't want anything, I don't need friend to make me happy. , I do not need any person to make me happy. , I don't need the world to make me happy. Because I am Happy.
Because my biggest intention is natural , that is not limited expansion . That is infinite Expansion
Everyone is trying this, you are trying to expand yourself in your area. You are trying to be a little more than what you are now. Everyone is doing the same. A billionaire is also trying to fill up its area so that what happens if the area reaches the infinity level?
What it means ? It means that, If you deeply and properly understand that__, I do not have to become more or_by achieving more or_by doing more or_by getting more then I am infinite and we are infinite.

Whether you become something or not in life, you're infinite.
If you understand this and act at this level then whatever will be there " that is all LOVE."

Don't focus on finding a partner. Focus on building a great relationship with yourself.


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  1. It's nice .
    Focus on self .
    Not to be obessed with anyone.

    1. Right as soon as you strated loving yourself, because that's who you'll be spending the rest of your life with ❤


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