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The Formula for a Perfect Day | Life Solution

The formula for a perfect day | Life Solution
Just a perfect Day

Today we will talk about the life solution in which I will tell you some tips, by using them you can make your day perfect. Or you can say "a million dollars morning" , which you can use to change your life very easily, or this is the first step to becoming successful. Let's Start :

1) Wake Up Early : 

How to Wake up Early | Life Solution
Wake Up Early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning makes you light fresh and stressed free. But now people who know that, it is best to stay healthy, they get up in the morning and go to the park and exercise there, walk, or do yoga. As everyone knows this, but how many people do this on a regular basis?

See  the problem is that we all know these things, but when do we remember about health? 
When we get sick, go to the doctor, or visit a relative in the hospital and then the doctor comes and says that either you do something or the god will do something :)

Do not follow someone who is getting up at 4 in the morning, try that whenever you get up, you get up 1 or 2 hours before that but before 7 am.

You have only one way to get your dreams - wake up early.

2) Immediately get out of bed :

When to Wake up | Life Solution
Wake me up early
This is for those who do not get up from their bed immediately. These people put 4-5 alarms for the morning and when it is morning, they snooze those alarms and fall asleep. For a perfect day, you have to apply self-discipline and that same discipline will take you towards success. 

If you set an alarm, you do not have to stop it, this second step will be the biggest step in your life when you get up at the sound of the first alarm.

3) No Phone : 
Can you survive without a smartphone | Life Solution
Say no to smartphone 

Nowadays people stick to their smartphones. They has become used to sticking on the phone in the morning and watching Instagram, Whatsapp, Morning Selfie, or something else .
There are so many people who check their phone within 10 minutes of waking up in morning.

Causes : 

  • Creates Stress and anxiety  because you see lot of emails, bombarded with new messages, whats app chats etc.
  • Thinking Pollution  because by checking those sms and mails , your Focus got seized.
  • Distracted Mind  because when you distracted in the morning, your day can be spoiled.

4) 5 minutes of Meditation :

Benefits of daily meditation | Life Solution
Daily Meditation for Life Solution

You will find that 5 minutes of meditation is very less time, but let me tell you , it is the perfect amount of time for beginners, and then you slowly increase your timing as per your comfortability.
If you meditate for 5 minutes in the morning, it will reduce such symptoms as anxiety, stress, sadness and depression. Meditation will boost your self esteem and self acceptance and helps to connect with your soul.

5) 5 minutes of Cardio :

Benefits of exercise | Life Solution
Full Body Workout

I know a lot of people don't have time, or they are lazy, but a 5 minute cardio in the morning can prove to be very good for you. For this, you do not have to go to any other place or gym, you can easily do this anytime and anywhere according to your free moves.

Regular exercise can increase your energy level, boost your mind, helps in better sleep and weight loss.

6) Cold Shower :

Benefits of Bathing | Life Solution
Cold Shower

 Many people do not know the benefits of cold shower. It helps in to lower your stress, weight loss, improve immune system, increase level of testosterone, and reduce the chances of depression.
As per me, when I take a cold shower, I play a soothing music on my phone, so it makes me feel stressed free. I think , you should try this. 🚿

7) Eat Healthy Breakfast :

Eat Healthy Breakfast | Life Solution
One Good meal makes your day complete

By eating a healthy breakfast prevents further weight gain. Eating Healthy Breakfast in the morning provides the necessary nutrients, so that your whole day is filled with energy.

8) Set 3 goals for the day :

How to set goals & achieve goals | Life Solution
Set your daily goal for success

Your long term goals will be different, but I believe that , you cannot get success until you make small goals or set daily goals. Because without daily goals , achieving success will become very very difficult.

According to me, Thinking about problems will help you to think about more problems , but thinking about the solutions , the goals and dreams will become true one day.

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9) Grab a coffee and start working :

How to start your day | Life Solution
Grab a coffee and start working

Now you are ready, get a coffee for yourself and start working your day.

I told you about, >> One Million Dollar Morning | Life Solution << . It's all up to you now. But I am damn sure, if you follow these steps for "Formula for Perfect day" , you won't know when your life will get change.
Challenge yourself to do this every morning , and after a month , you will start seeing changes in yourself.



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