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How to set your goal in life perfectly | Become Advance for 2021 | Motivational Blog

Have you ever thought, what you want to do something in your life. Are you clear about your objective ? Do you know what you want to achieve by the end of today?

If you really want to get succeed you need to set your goals.Without any goal, there is no chance to get success. As well as you may lack your focus or direction. Setting a goal can clear a way of setting an exact map/direction to follow. You can also determine that whether you are actually succeeding or not. Think about the people who get success in their life , all they created a "set of goal" and today you can see them as a proof of success.

There are so many people who wants to do something in their life and want to achieve in life. But they are confused how to start and from where to start. So today's session is totally about you to set your goal perfectly for your self help.

How to set your goal | Life motivation
Set Your Goal perfectly

Always remember_,Work Smart rather than work hard otherwise you'll work for the rest of your life.

Here are five golden rules that you need to follow to set your goals perfectly and smartly.
As per my own experience, if you follow the same rules in your life, no one can stop you to become what you want in your life. 100 % Success.

1. Create a list of all of your goals and write it in a diary
TO DO LIST | Motivational Blog
List of your Goal

Write down your list of goals in a diary. So it reminds you about your goals every time you see your diary. But set your goals which is high priority in your life. Set your goals which motivates you because there is a value in achieving them. 

2. Select a particular goal as per the priority.
Goal as priority | Self help
Goal Priority is important

Writing down a goal makes it real and you would have no excuse to forgot it. For this you need to follow the steps below :

Take a paper and write down that prior goal on the top : 

  •  Select a particular goal as per the priority.
  • And paste that paper in your room at that wall where you can see that post more than 5-6 times a day, so it reminds you always about your goal.
3.Break your goal into many steps. Suppose you created 5 steps
* Plan your first step 
  -Try to create sub steps
* Plan your Second step 
  -Try to create sub steps

* Same for all steps.

As one by one you need to solve your steps .This is a new technique so your goals are divided into many steps and sub steps. It is quite easy to solve a sub step.

4. Focus on Small Victories :
Focus on small Victory | Life Solution
Focus on Small Victories

Whatever you like that you do on a regular basis, just to comfort your mind, like eating your favorite fast food or shopping or watching a movie, anything that you like very much, then challenge yourself and Stop that work. And as soon as any of your sub-step is completed, then on that day you can give yourself a gift from the categories you sacrificed to achieve your goal.

5. Need this attitude :
Goal achievement requires commitment, and to maximize your success, you need to feel it as a sense of urgency. And  you have an attitude like , " I will do it anyhow".

6. Setting with your goals :
This is the important part where you actually need to work. In this case , you need to manage your priority goal. You need to check it again. 

I am damn sure , if you start following these rules. They will definitely going to change your life. 
There is no harm by trying.



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    Some people focus on time management and thought that they will achieve their goals only​ by time management . But it's not true , in my vantage focus on goal with 100%concentration then time will automatically manage.

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