How to start business with zero investment

The first thing that you should know is that zero investment is nothing, because i think whatever you do your time will be invested. Right ?
But there is a value of time .
If you guys came to read my blog, your time has been invested but I promise that your time will gonna invest to learn something important-------------


First of all, what is the meaning of zero investment?

Can you afford 10k to 20k to do one thing to make your future ?

If i say , if you guys can do something between the range of 10k to 20k ,  which will start from a small level obviously as we are doing small investment, but if we want to make it bigger then how do we do that ??
This is the topic of our session today

It will seem impossible to hear but what can happen in 10k and 20k?
People take 20k or 30k in the name of teaching business.
{For example, a person has 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs were spent to start the business. People think that they would have learned before going to any coaching or learned elsewhere from YouTube instead of giving around 1 lakh to someone to start a business.}

One more thing, people also think that they should have a big amount or a proper skill to start a business. But i don't think so it is necessary.

Because according to me, learning does not mean that we can learn from the success of others, we can also learn from our failure. So that's intelligence. Meaning, what we understand from this is that save your money.
Anyone get up and try and they(people) say that "we will do this for you, they will do it, join this course, it will be done, it will happen " then do not raise your money if you want to do something big in your business.

                        In business, no one can teach you properly, you have to learn by yourself. And for those who want to learn and want something to learn, who has no limit, he can learn business even while walking on the road. He will see ideas all around, Opportunities will be seen.
If your mindset is like that means if you have created a mindset.

If Mindset is not made, then you can go in any institute, no matter how much money you give to any person, do anything..... nothing gonna happen.

03 lakh rupees is not a small amount, it is a very large amount.
Today I am going to tell you what big you can do in 3 lakhs. The more and deeper you read, the more you will understand.
In these 3 lakhs, you could start 10 different types of business, one of them would run ??

According to Mridul Jaiman, Don't put all eggs together in a basket.

Instead of giving money to someone, do it yourself and learn how to talk. This is an information age, don't be in the wrong sense that you have to pay for information. Information is available for free !!!!
This is this beauty, where we are living.

Understanding this little thing that I am saying carefully, save money because money is the whole game. Save money and time, if you want to do something in actuality, then understand the importance of both. Another means of business is to find solutions for the problems. There must be some problem that you will remove.

Now one is that you go and find the problems and find ideas. It is a big mistake that people do this, it means people go outside and search for the ideas, they started asking a friend to give an idea to start a business.

Whenever you are going to do a business,

  • First see for yourself what problem are you facing?
  • Do you have any problems in your life? Is there any problem from getting up in the morning to sleeping at night? 
  • How much problems are there in whatever you do from morning till night (whole day)?
  • Is it easy for you to solve the problem that you face yourself or which you have never been able to face by yourself?
  • And you think that even if you get a problem that is not easy, then what is easier- the problem you are facing in your daily life or the problem which you were searching for?

Got my point???

If yes, then you have to observe your own life, from there you will start getting answers.
For example, you joined an institute and there has some problems?
Or have a problem in your house. Or someone has done work at your house and has gone bad.

  • So is this a problem or not? 
  • Do you have this problem on your own or not?
  • So if it is a problem in your house, then it can happen in other houses also?
  • So got the idea or not?

Understood ? So if you start from your home, how easy is it to do business? What are the degrees and diplomas for this?
How many people are there in the world, how many problems are there? If you take out their solution, how much can you earn? ðŸ’°
how to earn money - business startup
Money Money Money

 Think? Think ðŸ¤”

But some people are wondering , oh my friend, nothing is going to happen. 
It is all useless.

If your mind is open then you will be able to understand the topic clearly.
OK !!
Let's raise this topic for you, you want to paint your house.
On the first day you called someone and they did not come
Call someone on the other day and he is asking for more money
 Someone came on the third day, he was old, so you refused because of slow work
On the fourth day you got frustrated and thought, let them go to hell.... I will do it by myself.
Where you thought  about it , business started(got the idea)

Happened or not? Done
Which course do you need for this?
What degree do you want?
What diploma is needed?

This is called BUSINESS.
Let's start it step by step.

  • First, starting from his home, he was hiring a human being for 5000 rupees, now you need to check what is its market value? 
  • Is there any wholesale market where his chemicals are found or his equipment or tools are available?
  • I ask you how much will those equipment be, more expensive?

You will not believe but people do business of killing mosquitoes as well, which we call as satire that he  kill mosquitoes.
Let me tell you one interesting thing, whenever you try to do something new by your own, you should be mentally prepared because this world will gonna laugh on you.
So now you started from your home, now what is going wrong in this ?

Our time is going in this, but is our time going waste or are we using it?
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