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Hey guys, today's topic is very interesting and helpful for those who want to overcome from apathy
First of all you guys need to understand Apathy  or Empathy

By definition, empathy is the opposite of apathy. We can define empathy as ability to understand and share feelings of another whereas apathy is defined as lack of interest, concern or enthusiasm  and feeling

REMEMBER NOTE : You can describe it all you want, but until you’ve experienced it, you can only guess at what it feels like.

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Lack of feeling

Apathy is the part of the heart where we are not happy about anything, we are not excited to do anything.

When apathy rises beyond a limit, it becomes a disease of the mind, a man prefers death over life. We all experience sometime in our life, the mind gets filled with disappointment and we sit back abandoning the work. Our apathy is excessive for some time, so we do not find any harm due to it, but sadness gradually takes the form of habit and due to repeated apathy, the work in hand leaves incomplete.

Question. Doesn't this happen to all of us? 
QuestionSo what exactly is apathy it originates from?
Question. Is there any solution to get out of it?

Apathy is actually the name of such a state of mind when we see our discomfort outside our difficulties. We have a habit to blame like, that society is bad, servant or master is wrong, husband or wife's nature or behavior is wrong. It becomes a human nature to blame someone for your comfort . But by blaming someone will help in overcome the situation? No it will not. Till then you do not have to approved that this is happening to you and you should be responsible for it until you will not overcome your apathy. But there are some tips which i will mention below, " How to overcome with this ", only through__EXCITEMENT.

But the conditions of life are unfavorable, time does not support us, etc. And when it is outside, we have no way to change it, is it not true?
How can we change the time?
How can we change the circumstances, that is, we start to think of ourselves and from that we generate indifference.
Is this not true?
The question is that this is the reason for our sorrows.

Or is the self within us?
Is our bad condition due to others?
Is our family our enemy?
Is society an enemy?

Ok ! Lets recall a time when you :

  1. When you used to talk with someone happily - but now you get irritated while talking to your close ones.

  2. Wasting your time in watching movies or web series on TV, by playing video games all the time , and mindlessly surfing internet.

  3. Felt bored in your job and profession - did not created any Passion.

  4. When you stopped exercising because of feeling inactive. 
  5. And a lot more.

Now the most important is How you can overcome with this ?

  1. Either you can go to see a professional therapist or you can contact us through chat( we are always ready to help you to make you better)

  2. You can follow some steps , so you can overcome easily through this in few steps :
  3. (But always remember , as the child needs months and years to learn crawling or walking or running as in same the person needed some time to create a habit)
  • Analyze your Behaviour :
How to control Mood Swings- motivation for life
Analyze your behavior
Your behavior tells inactivity or powerlessness. Either today or one day you need to break that cycle. So why not today ?
Participate in the activities which helps you to generate thoughts. Try to make your focus on a thing so you will definitely gain your power back .  Click on this link to read how to increase concentration  power
  • Identify the root cause :
How to control Mood Swings- motivation for life
Identification of root cause
Have you dealt with a lot of  rejection ? Are you a drug addict? Is your girlfriend cheated on you? Was that compounded by your belief that no one listen or understand you ? Have you not reached a certain level of education or not promoted in your office? Do you have any imbalance in your body system? 
Only you can answer these questions. Once you get the answer write down in a copy (Important note: I suggest without identifying the root cause , don't go in the next point)
  • Listen to family and friends :
How to control Mood Swings- motivation for life
Listen to Friends and Family

If you hear your family and friends trying to : "help you", get motivated , they have noticed that something might be wrong. From outside, your apathy might be view-ed as laziness.
  1. Learn to listen them because people are concerned about you.

  2. Whether or not ,you choose to take their advice, at least make it an effort to hear them out.

  3. You can say that I may look lazy but if I tell the truth, I don't feel right. I want to know why this is so that I can feel better.
  • Examine your Isolation :
How to control Mood Swings- motivation for life
Examine your Isolation

Do check, Are you spending the majority of your day by yourself with no input from others ?
Spending the entire day with only your thoughts limit , your perception of your life and the world?
Have any negative thoughts ?
  1. Spend more time with your family and close friends. Do not isolate yourself from others.

  2. Create balance between alone time and time you spend in social situations.

  3. Always choose to talk people with positive mind.
  • Don't compare yourself to others:

How to control Mood Swings- motivation for life
No Comparison
Apathy can become worse by constant comparisons with others.
"Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself."

1. Focus on building yourself up rather than thinking about . someone is more Successful, more talented or
more beautiful.

2. Don't stop yourself from trying, caring yourself and engaging with the world and all your interest.

  • Search for the things you used to enjoy :
  • How to control mood swings- motivation for life
    Everyone has the right to be happy 😀

    Remind yourself : what you enjoy doing. Create a list of positive points of your joys from the past. Whenever you feel apathetic, you started losing connections to the things that once gave you joy. It can be difficult to remember what it was that you were used to get excited. So sit down and make a list of those things. Paste the list 3-4 places , like your wall, behind gate, etc. 
  1. Did playing video games used to bring you enjoy ? Did playing guitar or singing used to bring you enjoy? or etc. Just pull it out of the dusty case and remember what it feels like.

  2. Were you an eager reader who always read the best seller and rated books? Pull a book off the pile you wanted to read.

  3. Did you enjoy laughing with your friends? Maybe your best friend haven't heard from you in days, weeks or months. Its time to make contact.
Say no to drugs - while recovering from apathy , I personally recommend to stay away with any happy pills , marijuana, and any type of drug. Always remember : Every person has the power to control their mind, If you can control your mind you can win anything . I said anything.

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Must think, think, contemplate



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